Day 18 – Broken Hill Birthday Boy

Day 18 – Broken Hill Birthday Boy

by admin on September 29, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

With the ride into Broken Hill of just 85 kms, we set off in high spirits hoping for a tailwind as we hit the road.

Once again we had a nasty crosswind to start – that lasted all of 50 metres as the road took a hard left and we had a blessed tailwind for the next 20 kms.

Heading To The NSW Border

We zoomed along towads the South Australian/New South Wales border, where David White and Joanne van Hoof joined us for the last 10 kilometres.

We hit the border town of Cockburn to finsih off 35 kms and get a nice rest.

Bikes take a rest at Cockburn

After being fed with oranges and Fruit Cake (thanks Gwen!), we headed of to finish the last 48 kilometres to Broken Hill.

With lots of ups and downs, we rode mostly with a crosswind as we approached.

Colin Stops For A Chat & Donation

20 kilometres from Broken Hill a friend of Jo and Chris’ pulled up on the side of the road – Colin had a quick chat and handed over a kind donation from his family.

The last 20 kms went fast as we got into Broken Hill and checked in at the West Darling Hotel – our host Mary (and the absent Kevin) donated the rooms for 15 people – a terrific gesture that saved us a ton of money.

Brendon & Jack at the West Darling Hotel

Ride Features in Barrier Daily Truth

The barman at the hotel pulled out last Wednesday’s Broken Hill newspaper (the Barrier Daily Truth) to show us a huge back page article on the ride.

5 minutes later and Jack was off to have his first caramel milkshake since we started riding.

10 minutes after this he was having his second caramel milkshake!

We spent the rest of the afternoon on the balcony of the hotel having some cold drinks and a chat.  After that it was down for dinner and to sing Happy Birthday to the birthday boy.

Even 16 yo boys love birthday cake – Mel, Jack, Tim & Holly

The dinner at the hotel was fantastic, with the West Darling Rump steak bigger than the plate!

Jack acted all embarrassed when we sang Happy Birthday, but not so shy when it came to opening his presents.

We all crashed with the late, late night (of 9.30 pm!), set to start again tomorrow.



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