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The Impact Your Donation Can Have

Not every child has the support and help they need to learn the right life skills. And that can make life tough. Very tough.

Children Struggle To Gain Life Skills Without Support

We've all seen children struggle because they lack strong role models. In this day and age where something like 50% of kids grown up in a single parent family the incidence of kids not being able to deal with life's issues has grown enormously.

Research indicates very strongly that the absence of a strong role model in a child's life very negativity impacts upon them. In a FLY Study, of the 13,000 kids cited for a juvenile offence surveyed:

Support, Education & Living Skills

A lot of the time the only thing these kids need is a chance. An opportunity like the one that Father Riley's organisation provides - support, education and the opportunity to learn some living skills.

So if we - you, Jack and myself - can play a small role in that by supporting this ride, and raise some much needed funds for the amazing work of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Australia, then that's a pretty good thing to do.