Day 15 – 120 km To Port Augusta

Day 15 – 120 km To Port Augusta

by admin on September 25, 2008

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Another interesting day – we’d left ourselves 120 kms into Port Augusta so we could get in early and meet up with some friends coming along for a ride.

Off we went at 7 am, looking to do the 120 kms in about 4 hours.

Unfortunately we rode smack bank into a headwind of 20 knots and ended up taking 6 hours, 23 minutes!

The ride was fairly flat but the wind made it feel like it was all uphill!

We were pleased to finally come into Port Augusta, but then managed to miss Mel and rode an extra 5 kms along the road before she found us.

We’re currently at the Shoreline Caravan Park where we’ve had our first showers for a few days and are sitting back relaxing before we head out for dinner.

Looking forward to a nice climb tomorrow of 450 metres (the Flinders Ranges in the photo below).  That will be our first big climb for the ride.



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