Lots of Flying & Some Running

by admin on July 5, 2010

I’m back from flying for a couple of weeks at Tamworth as part of the flight screening to get accepted as a pilot in the Australian Defence Force Academy.

Did a ton of flying with lots of aerobatics, fantastic instructors and a great group of guys on my course.  The flight back home was a little dull after flying rolls, loops and lots more!

I was lucky enough to be recommended.

Ran Gold Coast Half Marathon Yesterday

Arrived home on Saturday and then ran the Gold Coast Half Marathon on Sunday morning.  I did the full marathon last year and thought I’d see if I could do the Half in under 1 & 1/2 hours.

Ran okay and slowed in the last few kilometres to come in at 1 hr 32 mins and 34 secs.

My mum ran her first ever marathon and did an amazing job – her 3 goals were:

  1. to finish,
  2. run all the way and
  3. run under 5 hours.

She did all that and we’re all bursting with pride.

Next up I have the 96 km Kokoda Challenge where my team (my brother Harry, and friends Ryan and Nathan and teacher Mr Hogan) are aiming to break the schoolboy record.

We’ve been training really hard, so we could give it a decent crack.

Then It Gets Easier!

After that it gets easier!

I then have a school trip to tropical Herron Island, the school skiing trip, then a trip to New York to do some work with Big Brothers Big Sisters International.

I’m also going to run the Brisbane Half Marathon on August 1 – trying to get under the 1 hr 30 mins for the 21.1 kilometres.

Still Doing Speeches

I’m still doing a few speeches around the place to:

  • Scout groups,
  • community and
  • business groups – so if your organisation would like me to come along (usually with my dad) to talk about our ride across Australia to raise money for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Australia then I’d love to hear from you:  jack@jacksinclair.com.au.



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