July 2009

What’s Up & What’s Next?

by admin on July 23, 2009

Hi and thanks to everyone who has contacted me through the site.

Had a few people ask what I’ve been up to and what’s next.

  • Harry (he’s my little brother – but he’s rather tall at 6 foot 2 inches) and I ran the Gold Coast Marathon a couple of weeks ago.
  • We also both did the rather hard Kokoda Challenge – a 96 km bushwalk in the Gold Coast Hinterland last weekend.

What’s Next

I’ve just finished my presentation for Scout groups and school children -the talk goes for 10 minutes and I talk about:

  • how kids should do a bit of exercise each day,
  • how and why children should eat good things and not tons of junk food, and
  • how they can do anything they set their mind to.

If you’d like me to talk to your group please email me at jack@perthtoparadise.com.au.

Dad and I have been talking about having another dinner this year (maybe on the anniversary of finishing the ride) and having some more raffles to raise some more money for Big Brothers Big Sisters.