Day 22 – Heat, Flies & Exhaustion

by admin on October 2, 2008

Thursday, October 2, 2008 – 7.12 pm

Hi, Mel here.

Jack and Brendon are fast asleep so I thought I’d update the web site.

The guys did a huge day yesterday into a headwind and high temperatures (33 degrees).  Harry (our 14 yo son who has done tons of training with them) rode for a couple of hours.

They ended up doing 170 kms into Cobar, finishing close on 7 pm, where we spent the night in the caravan park.  They were totally exhausted and were in bed 30 minutes later.

The boys set out in the morning for a 132 km ride.  It soon hit 36 degrees and the wind was no help.

They’re riding so hard that Harry wasn’t able to ride again today as he was exhausted from the pace and heat of the day before.

Chris and David, 2 great friends along to ride with the boys, are doing 3 hour stints on and off to keep them company.  Any longer and they’re finding they’re legs aren’t fresh enough.

To see Jack so exhausted at the end of the day is a rather tough thing for a mum but he tells me (constantly!) he’s “Good”.

He’s eating like a horse, so that’s a good sign.

Chris and David (and Bren) are so good with him as they encourage him along the highways.  It’s great to watch how they help him so much.

To then see him get up day after day after day after day really does make me feel so proud.  I simply don’t know how he can push himself on and on – it’s hard enough driving the distances!

The support crew are doing an amazing job – it’s far more work than I ever dreamed of, I’m just so lucky to have had and have such wonderful friends helping.

Comment of the Day

My favourite comment for the day came from Harry.  He pulled up along side Jack and wound down the electric window of the Land Rover he was in.

From his leather seat in the airconditioned car, listening to an Ipod, he stuck his head out the window to see if the guys were okay.  But all he could come up with was “Ooooh, it’s hot out here!”

He then pulled his head back in, wound up the window and went back to his music!

They have 3 long days ahead of them with high temperatures and mountains.  We’re not sure they’ll get through with how exhausted they are but we’ll help them do whatever they can achieve.

I’ll add some photos below from today.  I have some video too from yesterday I’ll try and get online.

Thanks for reading.


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Carl October 3, 2008 at 5:46 am

As my Austrailian uncle would say “Good onya mates!”

Great job guys, just keep peddling and you will be home soon with all the rest you can stand.

I thought I would help you shorten the ride. So instead of having a 132 kms ride today, think of it as a mere 82.5 miles! You no longer have seven days rather only 1 week left, that is practically 0 and being done!

Hope this lifts your spirits.

Cheers from Boston Mass.

julie mason October 4, 2008 at 9:08 pm

I have just read your entry for day 22 and I know how much you struggle seeing Jack get up day after day-just remember that the love, committment, leadership and support you show him(and the whole team paradise) each day is with him each day on his ride and as mothers , if we could take away some of the pain our kids endure, we would. Much Love dear friend Juls xxx

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