3 Special Mentions For 3 Special Givers

by admin on June 19, 2008

June 19, 2008

We’ve just had a few donations roll in tonight and I thought I’d give them a special mention because they’re special guys.Peter Lawton - Jonah end of ride

1. Peter Lawton (Jonah to his mates) donated $100 tonight on this site. Jonah is the very same guy who, last year, rode from Perth to the Gold Coast in a staggering 15 days for charity.

He’s the same guy who has provided oodles of help and advice to us about what to expect.

He’s a guy who has given us a ton of safety gear, radios and more.

But that’s not enough for Jonah! He then donates to the ride.

Very humbling to meet a guy like that who does so much for you and then just keeps giving. Thanks mate.

Terry and Veronica Hands2. Terry Hands – Terry (left) is a friend of the family who has helped our efforts along quite a bit already.

Firstly, Terry was instrumental in getting a great sponsorship from the guys at Ess Engineering to reduce our expenses in Perth very significantly.

He’s also popped one of our graphics on his own web site and talks about the ride to all and sundry.

And then he goes and donates $100 tonight (when both him and I know he could be spending that on his beautiful wife Veronica when he whisks her away to Sydney on the weekend for a romantic time……..or is that trip just so he can watch the Socceroos?!!)

3. Paul Mathewson – Paul is the Melbourne chief of Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Not only does he do great work for this great cause, he comes along and makes a $50 donation. Fantastic stuff. Thanks Paul.

Thanks guys – really appreciated.

Jack and Brendon

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Terry June 29, 2008 at 11:13 am

It is a pleasure Brendon. To see a 15 year old like Jack doing this for a worth while charity is very humbling. Go for it Jack.

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