Tuff Gloves – The Best Cycling Gloves

Tuff Gloves - cycling glovesWith a ride where you’re spending up to 10 hours a day on the bike and going for 30 days straight, it’s essential you have the absolute best equipment possible.

Our first choice for the all important cycling gloves was Tuff Gloves – widely acknowledged as one of the best designed and built cycling gloves around.

We’ve been using the best cycling gloves around during our training and know what a comfortable and durable glove they are.

Designed In Australia – High-Tech Materials

Designed in Australia and stitched together using the latest in high-tech materials, Tuff Gloves have exactly what we need:

  • Vibration Sensor pad that keeps pressure off the nerves and reduces numbness
  • Griptonite palm gives increased sensitivity and a non-slip grip
  • Made with quality materials – Spandex for Jack’s favoured glove that he’s wearing in the pic on the right below (the Griptonite model TU 999) and and Griptex (T1-007 Race Fit Kevlar) for me (Brendon).

And it took us a while to figure it out, but those loop things in between the fingers of the gloves: yep, they’re called “Eezee Off” loops.

They’re there for you to be able to easily remove your gloves without pulling and pulling.

GKA Sports Kind DonationCycling gloves - Griptonite

Anyhow, we were thrilled when Glen, Kerrie and the team at GKA Sports (the distributors of Tuff Gloves), came on board with a very kind donation of gear to help keep our costs to a minimum.

  • Heaps of gloves
  • Socks
  • Floor pump

What that means is more money for the charity and more assistance Big Brothers Big Sisters of Australia can provide to young people who need a helping hand.

Thanks guys – appreciate your support with the best cycling gloves.