De Bortoli Wines – Australia’s Best Dessert Wine & More

The team at De Bortoli Wines here in Australia know 2 things.

1. How to make great wine (including Australia’s best dessert wine)

2. How to be nice

You see, what happened is this.

I know Howard Lawrence. Howard is the State Manager of De Bortoli Wines here in Queensland and he’s a lovely fellow.

“We’ll Give You A Hand To Keep Costs Down”

He heard of our ride (I may have mentioned it!) and he said,

“Gee Brendon, that dinner sounds great. The wine bill can be expensive though. The team here love what Jack is doing and we want to help out with a donation of wine for the dinner.

That’ll keep your costs down and help you give more.”

So, give me tons of wine AND make me look good!

And that’s why we are absolutely thrilled that De Bortoli Wines have come on board as a sponsor of our ride and the dinner.

Life Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This

Let me tell you this – life doesn’t get much better than when a De Bortoli Wine truck rocks up outside your front door and the driver says “Howdy Brendon – have a fair bit of wine here for you!”

Man, I love De Bortoli Wines.

I’ve always been a big fan of their amazing Noble One – without doubt Australia’s best dessert wine.

But after cracking open one of the cartons and doing a taste test, I have to say the Willowglen Chardonnay is delicious!

Thanks Howard, Alice and the team. We greatly appreciate your help.