Day 1 Update – Tailwind Heaven

Day 1 Update – Tailwind Heaven

by admin on September 11, 2008

A quick update from our first stop at Meckering.

We set off from the Indian Ocean with a bit of rain and a howling wind.  Channel 9 and Channel 10 came and did a story on the ride, so hopefully that will help Big Brothers Big Sisters awareness.

The camera crews followed us through to Perth taking footage – which was great because they held up traffic the whole way and made it very safe in the slippery conditions.

Out onto the highway and we flew – a great tailwind for much of the way had us averaging almost 40 km/hr for the last 45 kms of the 144 km!

We’ve set up camp for the night and about to tuck into some steaks.

At the start

Jack’s Angels (aka Support Team)

Jack at Meckering, WA

Jack’s looking strong, really going hard for the last 100 kms once we were clear of the traffic.

Update again asap.



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